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The idea that design is more than you see, more than what it is, but what it can be resonates within myself. From my youngest age of practicing art, I have often tried to push myself to not only do more, but surround myself around like-minded people that also would like to do more. With my traditional skills of wood building, hand drawing, and trying to grow my skillset as a designer (outside of Adobe products) it allows me to leave no leaf unturned and truly look for the best solution within a design. 

Design was not something I sought out to do in my life, it was easily something that was always there. I have always shared a passion for art, started drawing at the age of 2, and have not stopped. Besides drawing, designing, building, and painting, I also preform, write and compose music. Design can affect how we not only interact with an environment by sight but also by sound and smell. 

After many years of designing for bands, production companies and smaller organizations I went back to school and received my Bachelors of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from the Illinois Institute of Art- Schaumburg. During my time, there I honed my skills, and created relationships with instructors and professionals alike. My internship was completed in TradeTec in Lombard IL, which revolved around trade show design. Along with participating in the One Club marketing competition, hosted by the Leo Barnett agency. 

I feel like I would be a great asset to your project because I am very self-motivated with a strong desire to grow as a designer. I would love to see us work together, as well as grow together. I look forward to hearing from you in the future.

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